Floor care Brush

The main factor to achieve clean floors is the combination of good machines with good brushes. We assume our responsibility to provide the best brushes for different applications


Automatized Floor Cleaning is getting more and more important. The choice of the correct brush depends on the flooring, the degree of soiling, the frequency of cleaning, the type and quantity of chemical products applied and many other factors. We offer a wide variety of scrubber brushes for different applications working different filaments and brush configurations. We are constantly working on new improvements to optimize the work of the floor cleaning machines.

Shapes and sizes:

Cylindrical Brushes in different sizes and lengths
Flat Face Brushes
Made to customized shapes and sizes.


Polypropylene Filaments
Polyamide Filaments
Natural Fibers
Abrasive Ceramic Filaments
Abrasive Silicon Carbide Filaments
Abrasive Diamond Filaments

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